Central Carolina V.E. Team

Team Liason: Contact Zak Whicker by email (preferred) - zakare.whicker@gmail.com or by phone at 910-890-2070 with any questions or to find out more information about exams offered by the Central Carolina V.E. Team.

ARRL-Accredited Volunteer Examiners:
Ryan Avery NC4RA - Barbara Brewer KB9TIV - Chuck Cavey AK4GV - Charles Galloway W4DBI - Dennis Keith NC4DK - Jim Masiclat WH6JQ - Adrian Peele AJ4NX - Bob Percefull NC4RP
Larry Royster K4MWE - Julie Royster KT4JR - Zak Whicker KK4TBI - Frank Pleshe N3FRP  - Lynne Girton KK4YAG - Dan Girton KK4SWF - Lew Nuckles K4TCT - Greg Keys  AK4LK
- Joe Pingenot NX0Q - Virginia Enzor NC4VA - Bobby Chandler N4RDC -

Amateur Radio License Testing

The Central Carolina V.E. Team offers monthly exam sessions in the Central NC area. Below is a list of our upcoming exam sessions.


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Exam Schedule

 Date Time
Sunday - January 8. 2017 2:00pm
Sunday - February 12. 2017 2:00pm
Sunday - March 12. 20172:00pm
Sunday - April 9. 20172:00pm
Sunday - May 14. 20172:00pm
Sunday - June 11. 20172:00pm
Sunday - July 9. 20172:00pm
Sunday - August 13. 20172:00pm
Sunday - September 10. 20172:00pm
Sunday - October 8. 20172:00pm
Sunday - November 5. 20172:00pm
Sunday - December 10. 2017

EmComm Testing

Our Field Examiners are ARRL-accredited Volunteer Examiners who serve as Field Examiners for the Introduction to Emergency Communication (EC-001) course.

We do not have regularly scheduled EmComm testing sessions; however, we are eager and willing to host testing sessions for candidates wishing to take the exam.  Please contact Zak Whicker, KK4TBI, if you are interested in taking the exam and an arrangement can be made. 

ARRL-Accredited Field Examiners:
Zak Whicker, KK4TBI
Charles Galloway, W4DBI