The South Wake ARC sponsors several nets. All nets are held on the K4ITL 145.21- (82.5 Hz) repeater.

Nightly 2m Rag Chew Net

Join us for fun nightly at 7:30pm on the South Wake ARC 2m Rag Chew Net. This is a very informal net. All are welcome to check in!

Traders Net

On the first, third, and last Tuesday of each month at 8pm, join us for the Traders Net right after the Nightly Rag Chew Net. All are welcome to list any amateur radio or computer gear for sale. You are also welcome to list "wants". All are welcome to check in!  Items for sale can be found here

Tech Net

On Tuesday at 8pm, join us for the Tech Net right after the Nightly Rag Chew Net. Feel free to check in with any technical questions, or check in as a resource to help others. All are welcome!

Your Net Control Stations

Monday Richard
Tuesday Steve KA0GMY
Wednesday Club Officer 

Thursday Kenny KJ4CVK
Friday Mark NC4MP
Saturday Julie KT4JR
Traders Net
John  WB4UFO
Tech Net
Substitute Net Controls MarkN4MQU
 Cecil KM4ARS

Interested in becoming a net control?

Click here for a copy of the net script, and contact Kenny KJ4CVK to be added to the net control list.

Other area nets of interest

East Coast Amateur Radio Emergency Net - 2nd Wednesday of each month on the Carolina 440 repeater system