Hidden Feature

A Hidden Feature in All Amateur Radio Gear! Several of us have discovered that we have a hidden feature within our radios, especially our 2-meter rigs: the QRM/Jammer Detector. Okay, so the feature is within our heads, but here is a quick tutorial on how to use it best:

Upon initial detection of a transmission that has no voice and is either quiet or just static, engage your logic circuit (brain) to determine appropriate next action:

+ If the transmissions are NOT routinely “doubling” with another station, but rather in-between stations or on a quiet repeater, it may be nothing more than someone on the fringe, unintentional interference, or the repeater acting up . Call to the station once to see if assistance is needed, but don’t keep chasing them.

+ If the transmissions ARE clearly interfering with communications, this is a Jammer or QRMer and you should ignore the activity. Don’t talk about it, don’t try to address them, or anything else that lets them know they are achieving their objective. If it is during a net, let the Net Control determine the next action, but do not talk about the behavior later in the net during your rag chew or recheck.

+ Don’t discuss the behavior on the air at another time or day, either. Ignore the behavior. That is the hardest part, because we like to talk and we like to defend what is right and proper. This is one of those subjects that we just need to keep off of the repeater.

Why does someone cause this interference? The individual either wants the attention, or believes (through some twisted logic) that stations that are constantly being interfered with will be asked to not be on the repeater. I can't explain it any further than that, because I just don't understand it, either.

Thanks for you help with this!